Allianz Insurance Review - Travel, Car, Home

Allianz is one of the biggest and well known insurance brands in the world. They have a network of international brands that offer top quality products and is also currently one of the top largest companies in terms of profits. Some of the awards they have won include the Large General Insurance Company of the Year, CANSTAR's Outstanding Award and many more. There are currently more than 2,000,000 Australians that have chosen Allianz as their choice.

Allianz markets and sells a long line of different insurance selections, from personal products all the way to business products as well. Their main ones are:

  • Car Insurance - SureCover Plus Comprehensive Car Insurance; Third Party Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance - SureCover Insurance; SureCover Plus Home Insurance; SureCover Gold Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance - Budget; Australia Only; Comprehensive International; Frequent Traveller
  • Life Insurance - Life Cover; Critical Illness Cover; Permanently Unable to Work Cover
  • Business Insurance - Small Business Insurance; Business Vehicle Insurance; Workers Compensation
  • Boat Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance

You are able to get a quote from their website, which according to their claims, can take only two minutes. One of the best things about Allianz is that they also offer several discounts for some of their policies if they are bought online. So if you have the knowledge on how to use a computer, which you probably would, you will be able to save up to several hundred dollars on your policy.

Taking a closer look at each of their policies, they actually have a wide range of essential protection and features that can be proved to be very worthwhile for the policyholder.

  • Car Insurance - Damage; Theft; Liabilities; Roadside Assistance and many more.
  • Home Insurance - Guest's Damaged Property; Protection for Contents; Temporary Accommodation and many more.
  • Travel Insurance - Overseas Medical Emergency; Personal Liabilities; Delays; Loss of Income, Theft of Cash, Luggage and many more.

One interesting thing that I found out is that there is a separate website for you to visit if you need to lodge a claim. Again, the process of it is as fast as getting a quote, but in this case it is 10 minutes, which is still quick. It is promised that you will be contacted within the next four hours on a business day where further instructions will be given to you. This I thought was very promising.

To be part of the growing number of Australians already with Allianz, you too can join this group of secured policyholders by heading to one of their branches or website to find out more about the different products you will be able to take out.

Allianz Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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