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QBE Insurance is a one of a kind company that offers the best kind of cover for cars. If you are someone that owns a motor vehicle, you would know how stress can be burden that can come if you do not invest in the right protection for your car. You are likely to suffer damages that will send you to bankruptcy. It is very reassuring to have knowledge that you can easily trust QBE to offer you with different car insurances depending on your needs. These plans include comprehensive car insurance, comprehensive (preferred driver) insurance, comprehensive (nominated driver), third party fire and theft, and third party only.

Products and Features

QBE Car Insurance Company offers following benefits and advantages to the customers.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: This plan offers you a complete cover for your motor vehicle. It covers anyone who is driving your car. It protects you against any accidental damages, fire and theft. This cover also offers you the liability for damage to other people's cars and property.
  • Comprehensive (preferred driver): This cover does not differ so much with the comprehensive plan. However, it lowers one's premium if you are below the age of 24 or older. It also does not offer the ones who are below the age of 24 to drive the car. Comprehensive (Preferred driver) covers you against accidental damages, fire and theft. /li>
  • Comprehensive (nominated driver): This plan offers you a great cover at an affordable price. If you are no more than two drivers, you premium will be lowered. You also are covered from accidental damages as well as fire and theft.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft: You do not have to get worried especially when you cause damage to another person's car or property since this plan fully takes care of such situations. The third party fire and theft also covers any driver for your car and fully compensates you for theft, accidental damage and fire.
  • Third Party Only: This plan covers the damage that you may cause to another person's car or property. This covers anyone driving your car. However, it does not cover your own car. The uninsured motorist benefit is also included in this cover.

QBE Car insurance comes along with several additional benefits. However, these benefits are optional. You can opt for a Four Year New Car Replacement policy or a No Claim Bonus Protection. In addition, you may choose to hire car after an accident. Pay by the month car insurance is also one of the benefits offered to you by this company.

QBE Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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