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NRMA Insurance is a company that is fully dedicated to offering you with maximum cover for your car. Nothing fulfils a person more than knowing that he has an insurance company that gives them full cover for damages, theft, fire, flood or even the storm. NRMA offers you different types of covers. These include the Comprehensive Car Insurance, NRMA Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance, Third Party Car Insurance and Third Party Property Damage. All these covers ensure that you are comfortable as you drive.

Products and Features

NRMA provides its customers with several insurance policies and services at affordable prices. Some of these are:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: NRMA Insurance offers you a car insurance cover that costs as little as $1.75 per day. This amount covers your car from incidences such as malicious damage, fire, theft, storm, flood as well as accidental damage. Comprehensive Car Insurance also covers some extras on your car. These extras include the alloy wheels, sunroofs and your custom sound system. You also benefit from hire car cover for up to 21 days that will keep you going just in case you get your car stolen.
  • Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance: This insurance cover offers you extra benefits. These benefits include the windscreen, sunroof, hire car and glass cover. Extra services are offered for the parts of your car. It gives you all the protection for the Comprehensive Car Insurance product. One advantage of this cover is that it does not leave you without a car at any time. The cover offers you an unlimited car hire time of up to $88 per day until the time your vehicle is fully repaired and your claim is settled. You do not need to worry just in case you damage another person's car. You also get to benefit from emergency repairs and a liability cover.
  • Third Party Car Insurance: This offers you protection that covers you for the damage you might have caused to someone else's car as well as property. In addition, in case an uninsured driver damages your car, you will be covered up to $5,000. You are also protected from theft and fire up to a total of $10,000.

In conclusion, getting a cover for your car is very vital. NRMA Insurance offers you with the ability to remain settled knowing that you are fully protected from damage, theft and natural disasters such as, floods and storms. Visit their user-friendly website for more information on how to claim and apply for a cover. You can also learn how to get discounts from the same.

NRMA Insurance has been rated 3 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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