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For every car owner in Australia, CGU Insurance offers a wide range of car insurance policies that suit their needs. Owning a car is good and fun; however, if you fail to have the right insurance company to take care of the car then you are likely to lose your car soon and fast. CGU Car Insurance offers Comprehensive Insurance Cover, Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance and Third Party Property Damage Insurance. These covers ensure that your car stays safe.

  • Comprehensive Insurance: Every car, whether big or small, needs maximum coverage for it. The Comprehensive Insurance Cover offers you the broadest kind of protection. First, it covers the loss of your car as well as damages caused to the car. In addition, if your car is damaged by another person, you do not need to worry since you are fully covered. The Comprehensive Insurance cover offers you with options that will help you to reduce your policy premium. These are the Nominated Driver Insurance and the Nominated Driver Low Kilometre Insurance.

    With Comprehensive Insurance, you get to benefit from the replacement of a new vehicle. This applies to a total loss of up to 3 years. In case of an attempted theft or theft, you get back your hire vehicle costs, which extend to at least 14 days after the theft. Transport of your vehicle is offered to you as well as a windscreen extension option.

    In case of theft, you won't need to worry so much about your personal items since the cover offers you a total of up to $500 for your personal items after theft or damage. You have a $30 million liability and a re-coding of locks and barrels if your keys are ever stolen.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance: This cover does not discriminate the people who own lower value vehicles. It gives you the chance to protect your car against fire and theft. You are also covered just in case you cause damage to any other vehicles. With this cover, there is a $30 million liability, both emergency and temporary repairs and a re-coding of the locks and barrels after theft of keys.
  • Third Party Property Damage Insurance: This covers all the damages that you may have caused to other people's vehicles. This is a very important cover for you since accidents are common and you may never know when you might just have one.

In conclusion, CGU Insurance caters for all your car needs. This is the best insurance company for you. You'll be glad that you can benefit from their Comprehensive Insurance plan, Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance and Third Party Property Damage Insurance cover. Visit their website for more details.

CGU Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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