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GIO Car Insurance is a company dedicated to offer you utmost protection and cover for your car at all times. If you are dedicated in finding the best kind of protection for you as well as your car, you have different types of covers for you to choose from. GIO Car Insurance offers you covers such as, GIO Platinum Car Insurance, GIO Comprehensive Car Insurance, Fire and Theft Insurance and Third Party Property and Car Insurance.

Products and Features

You can get several different insurance policies and services with GIO. Here are few:

  • GIO Platinum Car Insurance: This is considered the best level of cover for your car. GIO Platinum Car Insurance is said to have been designed for the group of people that seeks maximum and best protection. It offers services such as a lifetime new car replacement for all its eligible customers. It also includes some automatic extras such as windscreen cover and car hire cover. You also enjoy the cover for cases when you might experience damage caused to your car in a collision. You do won't need to worry if you experience an accident, fire, vandalism, hail, theft, natural calamities such as storm or floods since all these are taken care of. In case you need any repairs, this cover offers you a lifetime guarantee of repairs.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: You won't longer have to think hard about the things that life throws at your car. With GIO Comprehensive Car Insurance, you are greatly assured of protection in case of accidents regardless of whoever is responsible for the occurrence of the accident. The cover offers you a two year new for old replacement, a complete cover for any damage caused to your car in case of a collision as well as cover for accidental loss or damage, fire, vandalism, theft, floods or storms. If you damage other people's property, you are given up to $20 million legal liability cover.
  • Fire, Theft and Third Party Property Damage: If you do not necessarily need a comprehensive cover, you do not have to be worried about it. The GIO's Fire, Theft and Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance policy still offers you the right protection for your car. This covers you and your car against fire, damage to other vehicles and theft. This damage is taken care of regardless of whose fault it is. You also get a hire car just in case your car is stolen for up to 4 days.

With the above types of cover, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all things are under full control. GIO Car insurance is the way to go. Visit their website for more information about the different covers and claim procedures. This website is user friendly and very informative.

GIO Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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