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Every traveler wants to enjoy an insurance policy that is soft on their wallet, and at the same time, can be easily accessed. Worldcare Travel Insurance is an example of one that gives you an opportunity to enjoy affordable prices and quality. Worldcare Travel Insurance has covered Australians who have been overseas for more than ten years on medical risks. If you need a cover, you do not have to strain to get it, the process is very quick and easy. All you have to do is to visit the Worldcare and Travel Insurance website, which is user friendly, and get a quote by a few clicks.

Products and Features

It is easy to design your own policy. This is possible through using a unique "Select A Benefit" option that is provided for you on the website.

  • Comprehensive International Travel Insurance (Plan A): It costs a total of $36.40. This plan offers top-notch travel insurance for its clients who travel internationally. The plan includes luggage, medical/ repatriation, accident and liability cover, and cancellation. This cover is suitable for business or holiday travels.
  • Budget Travel Insurance policy (Plan C): This is a policy that offers you medical and repatriation coverage for all persons travelling overseas. It applies to anyone who leaves Australia and ends once you are back in Australia. It costs $30.19.
  • Frequent Traveler Insurance (Plan D): This is an annual policy for the people who travel more frequently, especially the business types. It provides a comprehensive insurance cover for multiple journeys, which are taken during a calendar year. The Medical Cover only covers the persons who have travelled out of Australia, not for the ones on domestic travels.
  • Plan E: This is an annual policy that covers multiple journeys over a year. It applies from the time you leave your home, going directly to the place you intend to. This cover ends when you get back home and you are complete with your journey. For business travelers, a maximum of 90 days is offered for you. For the leisure travelers, a maximum of 37 days is offered for you.

A major advantage offered to you by Worldcare Travel Insurance is that you can enjoy an in-house service that arranges your insurance by paying your claim. This is a very flexible plan that offers you with knowledge necessary for offering you a design for your own policy.

To get some more information, Worldcare Travel Insurance offers you a user-friendly website that you may want to access.

Worldcare Travel Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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