Bendigo Bank Insurance Review

I have seen Bendigo Bank almost every day. In this review we will be looking at their insurance products. With over 150 years of experience, I am sure that Bendigo will be able to offer all the things required to keep you safe. As I can see, most of the insurance types they offer are pretty much common and standard.

The first, being home and contents insurance. There are three levels to choose from; Gold, Silver and Bronze, and it also seems that they are for both home and contents insurance. One very good thing to see is that you will be able to have your home, garage, domestic outbuildings and contents covered. I thought it was also good to see that the damages can be caused by things like fire, storm, flood water, as well as malicious acts and most importantly, accidental damage, depending on the cover you take out. If you are a landlord, you should take note that you can also get landlord insurance.

Regarding motors, Bendigo Bank offers car, motorcycle and caravan insurance. However one thing to remember is that the cover is provided by CGU. There are three plans that you can take out; Comprehensive, Third party property damage only, and Fire, theft and third party property damage. An interesting thing to point out is that for the Comprehensive cover, you can choose from named only driver and low kilometre, no claim bonus protection, plus other options that can significantly make your policy more suitable for you.

Travel insurance covers you for both domestic travel and international. It was good to see that different levels can be chosen to fit your budget. Benefits include having a 24 hour emergency hotline, which I think is very important, as well as coverage for travel delays, cancellations, rescheduled, as well as lost or damaged luggage and documents. Again, this product is offered by CGU Insurance.

The final product is private health insurance. I realised that it is offered through Australian Unity, one of the most known health insurer in the country. The advantage of being a Bendigo Bank manager is that you will be able to enjoy a 4% discount when you take out a health cover. But best of all you can claim right away on many important extras. The most popular products that I saw include Smart Start, LifeChoice and Smart Combination.

To see all the policies available and to read the PDS, consider going to Bendigo Bank’s website.

Bendigo Bank Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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