Kmart Tyre and Auto Service Insurance Review

Kmart and Westfarmers Insurance have come together to bring car insurance at an affordable cost, known as Kmart Tyre and Auto Service Insurance. If you have been using Kmart to get quality tyres, it is time you extend yourself to also taking out their car insurance. Looking through their website I learned that you can keep your current rating, pay annually or monthly, have access to a 24-hour emergency claim, and interestingly, you can earn flybuys points on your policy.

A range of different policy choices can be chosen to fit the needs of your car and the amount of protection you are after.

Comprehensive offers the most complete protection. The advantages of this plan compared to the others is that it not only covers you from damages done to your car, but it also covers you from damaging you do to other cars or property, as well as protection against theft and fire, among many more. If you have a trailer, you can have it covered too without having to take out another policy, which I think is very handy.

Instead of just paying you, KTAS will also offer you replacement for groceries, baby capsules and child seats if they are damaged or stolen. This goes for your keys and locks too.

If you don’t think you need the highest protection, the next plan that I really recommend you to take out is Third party fire and theft. The reason why I was so overwhelmed by this cover is that it covers you from damage you do to other cars, as well from fire and theft. Did you know the maximum claim you will be able to receive for liabilities is up to $20,000,000.

Lastly, the lowest cover is known as Third party property damage. It only covers you from liabilities in the events if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. The downside to this policy however is that if your car is damaged in the process, you will need to pay for the cost for it to be repaired or replaced yourself. Even though this policy doesn’t offer everything, it still contains some very useful features.

For more information to how Kmart Tyres and Auto Service Insurance will be able to benefit your car further, feel free to take a look through their website. You will be able to read about making a claims and things of this nature which I thought was very easy.

Kmart Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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