Volkswagen Insurance Review

Volkswagen Finance offers insurance products that can be considered effective for many Volkswagen drivers. A number of services are provided including loan and insurance, for both your car as well as the funding of it.

The dominant cover is motor insurance which protects the car itself. I think the biggest advantage for choosing Volkswagen Finance over other car insurers is the fact that you will be certain to get only quality parts to repair your Volkswagen vehicle. This can also be so that you can preserve the value of your car as well as push aside any risks that may make your warranty invalid. The next thing I was very glad about is that you can choose your own repairer, which means you will be able to make the first choice about what happens to your car.

If your car is ever stolen, one very convenient feature that impressed me is that fact that you will be able to keep driving even if your car is stolen by giving you a rental car at no extra cost. This is perfect for people that depend on their cars to do their day to day activities, including going to work.

I had a look at the limits of claims you can make and saw that emergency repairs go up to $500, personal effects up to $500 and emergency accommodation up to $400. I thought these amounts are beyond reasonable and would definitely let you drive in peace. To make your policy even better, I was glad to see optional benefits are available to be taken out like rental or loan, and protected no claim bonus.

Another important product to consider is loan protection. You can’t always guarantee that you will be able to pay back your loans which is why having a backup plan is so important. The levels available to be chosen in this cover include plans that include a mixture trauma, death, disability and involuntary unemployment. To my understanding, as soon as you suffer from any of the mentioned conditions, Volkswagen Finance will be able to provide you with money to help pay your car loan.

There are two levels of covers available for tyre and rim insurance. They are known as Standard Cover and Prestige Cover. I partially loved the Prestige cover because it offers up to $800 for tyre repair and replacements, up to $1400 for all claims. I thought this was a more than enough and would no doubt be able to keep your tyres in great condition no matter what happens.

Volkswagen Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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