Bankmecu Insurance Review

One of the greatest advantages of Bankmecu Insurance is that their company is owned by their customers. This means that all the profits that they make will go back to their customers to ensure they get better service and products. After going through their website I was convinced that you will be able to find a cover that is right for you.

In their home and contents insurance, you are included with some of the most desirable features such as new for old replacements, legal liability as well as insured events. I learned that several options can also be taken out which really made me think well of the company, they include personal effects, fusion of electric motor and accidental loss and damage. One very important thing to note though is that the policy is issued by Allianz, however you will be purchasing it through Bankmecu. If you own several houses, you may also be glad to hear that there is also landlord insurance to take out.

Bankmecu offers a range of vehicle insurance to choose from. The advantage is that you can choose to have your car, motorcycle, caravan, trailer as well as pleasure craft insured. Taking a deeper look in their car insurance, since that is one that most people would take out, I was generally impressed by their features like accidental loss and damage, choice of repairer, and legal liability. Did you know there are also additional options that you can take out such as tools of trade cover, protected no claim bonus and rental or loan car following an accident. These are all things I believe would be very useful to a lot of people.

Travel insurance is also offered by Allianz, so the plans are the same as on Allianz’s website. For a recap, they include comprehensive cover, Australia only cover, budget cover and frequently traveller cover. Of all these covers, I am especially fond of their comprehensive and budget covers. This is because the first cover offers 16 travel and medical benefits such as cancellation fees, rental vehicle and delays. On the other hand, the budget cover is great for people that are on a tight budget and wants something that is affordable that can give them a peace of mind.

Besides all the personal insurance listed above, it is also god to see that Bankmecu also offers business insurance. I learned that there are several packs that you can take out such as farm packs, office packs, trades and services packs, and many more.

Bankmecu Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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