LSV Insurance Review

This is a review on LSV, also known as Lumley Special Vehicles. This company insures classic and vintage cars which can prove to be the top choice for people with this obsession. It is said so on their website that their rates are competitive, making them something worthwhile to check out. One of the downside to LSV though is that you can’t really automatically calculate a quote from their website. You will need to manually request a quote from them by providing the model of your car and other related details.

I discovered many reasons why insuring with LSV is such a good choice. First of all, I was happy to see that you guaranteed for a lifetime on repairs where you can choose the repairer. This means you can be sure your car will be well looked after, no matter what happens to it. Secondly, if you are a member of a car club, you will also be eligible for some discounts.

There may be some people that are so into special cars that they may have several of them. I learned that people like you would be able to get several policies for your vehicles and even save on your premiums. I thought this was a great way to reward customers and even attract more people to join.

The value of your car can be agreed on, and you also get salvage right. This is something I found to be very unique. Basically if your car is caught in a total loss and is declared unrepairable, LSV will be able to return the car to you after the accident. Lastly, you are able to get free windscreen cover where you don’t have to pay for any excess, as long as you include this as part of your options.

Now down to the types of cars you are able to have insured, I found a pretty neat list on their website.

  • Classic – They include for all the cars that are at least 25 years old.
  • Modern Classic – They include limited built cars that are older than 10 years old.
  • Vintage – Any vehicles and cars that were manufactured before 1940.
  • Classic Motorcycle – This is for motorcycles that are over 25 years old.

If any of the car categories matches the one you own, you can rest assure that you will be able to have it insured by LSV. Simply go to their website and arrange a quote for more information.

LSV Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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