Teachers Insurance Insurance Review

While browsing through a list of insurers, one that came as a surprise to me was Teachers Insurance Service. Basically, they were created to only insure teachers and their families. I had their About Us page and read that their goal is to bring quality life risk solutions to their customers as well as using technology to make insurance simple. Did you know that more than 12,000 teachers take out a policy each year?

I think the most common insurance would be life and health events insurance. You will be covered for life insurance health events insurance. However the first thing to note is that this product is offered by Macquarie, known as Macquarie Life Active. Additional covers can also be chosen which I found to be very useful. They are death over, child cover and income cover. Not a lot of life insurers offer these options, so seeing them here is something to remember.

Get comprehensive car insurance that will be able to keep you moving. There is only one level of cover to choose from, and this a comprehensive cover. This means anyone that takes out a over will automatically be given the highest cover. Some of the things included in the cover that I thought can be seen as a very big advantage are towing, car hire cost, theft, as well as damages for more accidents and malicious. On a side note, CTP insurance is also offered for those that are looking for this cover.

Getting home and contents insurance can be easy with Teachers Insurance. You are able to be protected against things from events like fire, storm and flood. To make it even better, you can also make claims for theft and malicious damages, liabilities, as well as impacts of vehicles, trees and aircrafts. Beside the mentioned, people that are renting out their property can also take out landlord insurance.

The last product in this review is their travel insurance.I was literally taken away with the number of plans they have; comprehensive, Australia only, budget, frequent traveller and cancellation only. They can be taken out as a single, duo or family plan. In terms of their comprehensive cover, I was gladly surprised that you are able to claim up to $20,800 for loss of income, $4,000 for travel delays, and even $500 for domestic pets.

To conclude, if you are a teacher, you would be glad to know that Teachers Insurance is one of the options that is made exclusively for you.

Teachers Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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