Subaru Insurance Review

This is a review on Subaru Insurance. I know this is a service that a lot of Subaru drivers are interested in. At first going through their features I was already pretty impressed by what they have on offer. However this is one thing to remember and it is that the covers offered are actually from Allianz. The advantage of this though is that Subaru will be able to help you arrange your policy.

There are several covers available but the one that they seem to praise the most is their comprehensive policy. The benefits include being able to receive genuine Subaru parts for the first three years of your car’s life. You are also given the opportunity to choose the repair. Most importantly, and one that I thought was very interesting, is that there is a reward system for safe drivers.

Going through the product of disclosure statement, I saw a number of other features. They include substitute vehicle, legal costs, rental car following theft, towing, and even trailer and caravan cover. One of the very important cover that I can see is that you will be given accommodation if your vehicle has broken down and you cannot drive home and that your home is more than 200km away.

Moving onto the next cover, it is known as Third Party Property Damage Cover Only. In this policy, you are only provided the coverage for legal liability, as well as any loss or damage done to your vehicle that is from an accident caused by the driver. Thought this cover seem to be less, I actually think this the minimum amount of protection one should get out. Some of the other benefits that can be paid out to you include substitute vehicle and legal costs.

Moving on, I should also point out in this review some of the things that will not be paid. They include:

  • Unlicensed driver
  • Declined driver
  • Restricted driver
  • Driver under the influence
  • Unsafe vehicle
  • Motor sport

There are many reasons to why having your car’s manufacturer to insure your vehicle can be a good idea. Besides being serviced by people that understands your needs and cars, you will also be given genuine parts in repairs and things of this nature. To find out more about Subaru Insurance, simply visit their website or ask about it in one of their dealers.

Subaru Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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