Metlife Insurance Review

For those looking to retire or get life insurance products, Metlife is one of the most recommendable insurers in the market today. One of the reason this may be the case is because they have more than 145 years of experience, and has also established themselves as a global leaders. According to their website, they have more than 90 million customers worldwide. They offer products to both individuals and businesses.

As mentioned, their main product is life insurance. According to their benefit descriptions, you will be able to get a lump sum payout when you die. This can be given to your family or your loved ones to pay for things like mortgages, funerals and many more. One interesting thing to see is that Metlife has included a case study on their website that involved a customer being paid $250,000 when he was diagnosed with cancer and only had 12 months to live. After reading this, it really gave me faith with the company that it will serve me and my family well.

Another popular policy is known as income protection, which lets you receive a certain percentage of your monthly income if you are suddenly unable to work. The main reason is usually due to illness or injury. The payout you receive will be able to be used to pay for your medical costs, bills and even education for your children. Again, there was a short case study on their website that explained how a 58 years old man was able to receive payments for 22 months while he was treated for his illness.

For those that have loans, your main aim is to make sure you can keep paying back the money you owe. This is how Metlife will be able to help you with their loan protection. You are able to choose between two different loan protection products. However, if you decide to take out both products, you will be offered a saving of 10%.

The last interesting policy that I found out was their funeral plan. It is very similar to a life insurance where the money paid out is designed to pay for things like funeral costs, medications and even household expenses. I was very impressed when I see their list of benefits that included inflation protection, worldwide cover and many more.

Metlife is no doubt one of the best life insurers, not only in Australia but the world. If you want what good for you and your family, they should be one of your choices.

Metlife Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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