BT Insurance Review

Since the year 1969, BT has been providing financial services such as super, investments and insurance to Australians. This makes them one of the most trusted brands in the country. They are part of the BT Financial Group and Westpac Group. As seen on their website, most of their products relate to life and income insurance.

The most distinct product is life insurance. There was a list of all the features and benefits included for this product which I found to be very useful. The thing that stood out to me the most is that you can change and update your cover whenever you need. This means you can increase, as well as decrease, the level of your cover so that your policy will always suit your needs no matter what changes you go through. I think this is a very important feature to have because it gives you total control of your cover. Secondly, you are also guaranteed to be covered continuously, even after your term has expired.

I was taken away to see that the maximum percentage of your monthly income that you can claim back in their income protection insure is 80%. This is 5% higher than most insurers I have seen, which is something to serious consider. There are several covers to choose from, depending on how much your salary is. According to case study published on their website, up to 95% of families doesn’t not have enough insurance, which is why income insurance is so important.

Another type of cover that most people tend to overlook is total permanent disablement insurance. The greatest benefit with this cover is that you will be entitled to make a claim if you are suddenly unable to work due to you becoming permanently disabled that you can’t work again. BT would be able to keep providing you with income to help manage your day-to-day needs. If you think about it, this is one of the most worthwhile to take out because in the long run, it can really help you when you need it most.

The last insurance to point out is their living insurance. Basically for those that do not know, it is basically trauma and critical illness insurance. The thing I love about this policy is that you will be able to get a lump sum payment if you suffer from a range of illnesses such as heart attack or cancer.

BT Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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