BOQ Insurance Review

Some people find it worthwhile to be insured by companies that have over 100 years of experience. In the case of BOQ, they are over 138 years old and have branches in every state, meaning anyone would be able to purchase their products. Right now, according to their website, they have more than five products in their insurance portfolio.

The product that interested me the most is their home and contents insurance that comes with two options. The most comprehensive plan is known as Vero Home Elite and contains all the essential features like flood dover, accidental breakage of glass, and even vet costs if they are injured in a road accident. The only different between this plan and the other plan is that it also insures accidental loss and damages done to your content, as well as being automatically covered for your valuable items anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. And for people that gets an income from their property, there is also landlord insurance to consider.

For people that likes to drive, it seems that BOQ only offers one type of car insurance. This means there are no choice of plans that you can choose from. The advantage of this as I can see is that you will be covered with the highest cover they have on offer. However the things you could choose are either having your car be insured under market value or agreed value.

After looking at all the things you will be able to make a claim for, I was really impressed by their $5000 death benefits, baby capsule up to $500, and many more. One unique aspect that caught my eyes is that you are given the option to waive the excess on your first windscreen claim each year. I think this is a great way for people to save some extra money.

Another popular product that a lot of people takes out is travel insurance. It has been a while since I was last taken away by a travel policy. The highlights that I can see BOQ offers are giving you a 24 hour emergency helpline, unlimited overseas medical expenses, as well as paying you cash while you are in an overseas hospital. There are two types of policies for you to choose form, Secure Holiday and Secure Business.

The other insurance products offered by BOA include commercial insurance, line of credit protection and credit protection.

BOQ Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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