Toyota Insurance Review

According to what I read about Toyota Insurance, they can provide you with a long range of personal and business insurance. They are part of the Toyota Group of Companies. The best part about them I that they operate throughout Australia to protect your car.

As you may expect their main product is car insurance. It was very interesting to see that you are given the option to choose either the agreed value or market value of your car. You will be covered for things like accidental loss, damage and liability for property damages, which I thought are all very essential things. Secondly, it is also interesting to see that you can pay your premiums monthly or annually, or alternatively, you can have it included in your Toyota Finance. I guess this is one of the biggest advantages for being with them.

Unlike other car insurers you need to take out additional roadside assistant if you want to be able to be rescued in the middle of the road. There are to levels of cover available; Roadside Assist and Roadside Assist PLUS. The latter one costs $90, which is very affordable and includes features like emergency fuel, changing of flat tyres, emergency rental vehicle, emergency parts supply, and many more. Seeing the amount of features, it can be seen as foolish to not take them out.

Financing your vehicle is important and I was excited to see that there are two types of insurance available for this; Finance Gap Insurance and Payment Protection Insurance. I was glad to see in the finance gap insurance that you have four options to choose from, depending on the amount of ‘gap’ and the additional expenses. The highest option includes $30,000 ‘gap’ and up to $4,000 of additional expenses. I felt the amount goes beyond enough and would definitely proof to be useful.

The main point of payment protection insurance is to offer you financial security in circumstances when you are unable to work. The payment you receive then can be used to pay for things like repayments, maintenance of your vehicle and other financial burdens. Again, there are four options, ranging from life cover to involuntary unemployment cover, or you may choose a combination of them.

If you are already a Toyota car owner and would like to see how they can help you in terms of your insurance needs, make sure you visit their website or ask about them in your closest dealer.

Toyota Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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