Travellers Car Insurance Review

Travellers Car Insurance, also known as TCI, is one of the ideal ways that many people have chosen to insure their car when they are travelling or backpacking. This company serves mostly tourists, overseas students and non-residents with third party cover to make sure they will be able to be protected against expensive claims against them.

Seeing the amount you will be protected for, I was actually quite shocked to see that you can claim up to is $10,000,000. This includes Third Party Vehicle Damage and Third Property Damage.

The only disadvantage with this plan though is that it only covers the policy holder, which is likely to be you, and any other named drivers that you have listed in your policy, which unfortunately only goes up to five, but still I think it is a fair number. These five names can also be changed after your policy has been bought, but according to their customer’s policy, there is a $20 administrative fee that you must pay. Also, one very important to remember is that TCI does not cover for damages to your car, theft, or bodily injuries.

Pushing that aside, I was pretty much content with the quotes. A policy can be taken out from three months, all the way to a year, and the price only ranges from a few hundred dollars which I thought was very affordable. Excesses are also quite fair. I was able to come across a table that showed the excess that distinguished the excess by age group and driving experience. I went through the FAQ and one unexpected thing I found out is that policies are not renewable.

I know besides the insurance itself, the next thing most people are concerned about is making a claim. I was quite happy with the way how this company works because all you need to do is to download their claim form, fill them up with any extra documents to prove your case, and then send them all to them.

If you would like to get more information, consider to visit their website.

Travellers Car Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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