Auto And General Insurance Review

Auto And General Insurance offers more than what you can expect. I realised that they have gone out of the traditional approach of car insurance by taking into consideration the specific needs of their clients and have customised their products to the way their clients would like them to be.

I personally praise their uniqueness to a high standard, not mentioning their low cost premiums compared to other insurance companies with the same product portfolio. Giving a wide range of product portfolios that is tailored fit in the category of car insurance and home and contents insurance, I can say that Auto And General is a company we can rely on.

Auto And General makes their car insurance products fit to every client. They still offer the traditional comprehensive, third party property and third party fire and theft insurances we are all very familiar with. And depending on the insurance coverage you want, Auto And General will be able to support our car insurance needs.

But what I learned and became very impressed by was that Auto And General provides specific car insurance products for women and retired clients. The insurance premium of them is lower compared to standard male and non-retiree covers which I though was very unique. Additional options are also available to be attached to the insurance policy to make it more tailored.

Home and contents are very important to us and Auto And General’s home and contents insurance are perfect for this coverage. It is good to know that this insurance product covers protection for homeowners, renters and investors. Options for additional coverage are also available to be attached onto the policy. By this, clients will be able to feel secured that the coverage they need is what they get.

One thing I was overwhelmed by was Auto And General’s replacement value calculator. This gives them a high mark in terms of accuracy that can answer estimates for clients relating to their homes and contents’ value to cover. The express building calculator calculates roughly more but the client has to answer some short series of questions only to come up with an estimate of value.

Comprehensive series of questions must be answered by client in order to do calculation. Contents calculator is also available to give accuracy of value of house contents. Appliances and other furniture and any other belongings inside the house can be included on the calculation. It’s really very cool.

If you would want to see more of Auto And General, feel free to head over to their website.

Auto And General Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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