Health Care Insurance Review

Health Care Insurance, also known as HCI, is a company that offers great health protection for families, couples and singles, as that was the impression I got when I reached their website. Looking into their history, I learned that they started out in 1938 as a value health cover that is not-for-profit. Another thing to note is that they are a company limited by guaranteed and governed by directors chosen by members.

The best thing about Health Care is that they have set out plans to match the different needs of each life stage. I found this to be very useful since they would have very likely calculated the likelihood of the features needed so ensure each of their policies include protections that are most likely to be used.

The first plan is made for families. Obviously, it is designed for you, your partners, and children as long as they are not married. The other plan is for couples, and this was made especially for people that are hoping to start a family in the future. The flexibly included in this plan are all very impressive. And lastly, the third plan is for singles. It includes all the things important to people like you, where you can combine Extras and Hospital, or only take out one.

Now in terms of the actual things you will be able to benefit in a hospital cover, I can say that it includes all the things that will give you confidence. For examples, some of the features that got me overwhelmed includes getting up to 100% of the cost of hospital accommodation, theatre fees, surgically implanted prostheses, hospital prescriptions and many more. Also, you are able to choose your excess option level, which I thought is a very good thing. Your excess can be as low as $250 and high as up to $2,000.

For those interested in getting extras cover, there are three options; Premier, Essential and Select. As implied, the Premier offers the most things. Some of the benefits that I thought would be very worth wile to mention are dietetics, eye therapy, funeral, hearing aids, psychology, quit smoking programs and even travel and accommodations.

For those that wants to get the best protection, combined packages are also available under different packages.

After going through everything offered, I am pleased to say that Health Care Insurance had surely proven their quality. If you would want to see what they have to offer, feel free to visit their website.

Health Care Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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