Chartis Insurance Review - Car, Health, Travel

At first when I decided to review Chartis Insurance, I did a search for them on Google however was then directed to AIG Insurance’s website, which I guess is their new website, or at least the parent company. So in this review we will be looking at AIG.

The first thing that I figured out is that AIG is mainly a business insurance firm. The reason why I am saying this is because the list of business insurance products listed on their website includes more than 10 different options, including aviation, energy, property, accident and health insurance.

But because most of the viewers of this blog are most likely to be individuals, I will focus my review on that.

I found out that a variety of covers is offered under their accident and health insurance plans. They include things for accidents, and disablements, as well as plans solely for insuring against cancer. Another interesting plan is known as Recovery Cash, and is basically similar to income protection plan. The thing I really like about it is that it can pay you up to $250 a day, up to 90 days, which should more than enough for the policyholder to keep on moving on with their lives while they recover from whatever injury they are experiencing.

Of all the plans, I think the most interesting one is the security plus seniors. As implied, this cover is made for seniors, which is one of the age groups that would most benefit from health care. There are three levels to choose from; Silver, Gold and Premium, however the thing I like about them is that you are guaranteed to be accepted, be able to get a lump sum of cash when you make a claim, as well as a short 14-day cooling off period.

You are also able to protect your health when overseas by getting travel insurance. The selections in AIG’s product portfolio are pretty much common to other insurers with plans like annual multi trip, international single trip, domestic travel, and mature age +70. With just a glace I am sure you will be able to get a policy no matter where you go.

If you think Chartis Insurance or AIG Insurance is something you would want more information on, feel free to visit their website and check out their plans. Regardless if you are after personal or business products, you can be sure to be able to find something that matches you needs.

Chartis Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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