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In search for a one-stop-shop insurance provider, I came across SGIC Insurance. Going through their products and services, I was impressed at how they made insurance protection simple and easy to understand. Getting into details, I see that getting a quote, paying premiums and processing claims are as easy as 1-2-3. Their customer service team supports all queries and for me this counts a lot.

There are downloadable policy booklets that one can refer to regarding details of a policy, how premiums are computed, discounts, and everything else a client may need to know. I checked the stability of this company and found out that SGIC is part of Insurance Australia Group (IAG), a very prestige organisation which is operating in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Asia.

SGIC’s car and motorcycle insurance product portfolios were amazing. You can choose from basic to the most complex coverage that can secure you and your family’s safety as well as third parties. I like the way they presented the different features of each vehicle insurance products so the choice will be easy to decide.

I would give a high praise on Veteran, Vintage & Classic insurance. This product allows you to insure old cars. Comprehensive plus is also a recommended product as it has unlimited hire car in circumstances when your car is stolen or damaged.

SGIC’s boat insurance is one of the best insurance coverage you can get for your precious boat. Your precious possession can be safe and secure in water. And this is what you want in order to have a peace of mind.

Caravan and trailer insurance products are a must-have for persons or business institution. While these vehicles are in the field, proper insurance coverage should be in place and SGIC makes sure they provide coverage per needs. On-site caravan, touring caravan and trailer insurance covers accidental death among the few features in it. Theft is also one of the common incidents on these large vehicles so I was glad SGIC included it.

I do believe that securing our home from calamity is a must and SGIC’s home insurance products are just perfect. Whether you own a home, rent or are a landlord, SGIC has insurance coverage that will protect your property in any option you want. It’s like tailored fit for you. Home building, contents, building & contents and home plus insurance are just a variety of insurance coverage that you can look at. If you are just renting, renter’s contents insurance is just right for you. Landlords also can get coverage through landlord insurance. In any of these choices, SGIC makes sure you get the protection you desire.

If you are engaged in a business, it is better if you can get insurance coverage that will protect your business from unexpected circumstances. SGIC offers different insurance products that will support the business protection we desire. Retailers, hospitality, professionals and financial services, home business, farmers and motor traders insurance are available product, which as you can see is a lot.

Travelling is fun and to complete the security of it, SGIC has the best travel insurance plans. Whether you do your travel for personal or business reason, you can always rely on SGIC’s travel insurance products. I was glad that several plans are available, depending where you are going and the level of protection you are seeking.

SGIC Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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