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TIO Insurance is a bit different from your normal company. What I first out about them is that they are owned by the Northern Territory Government. The advantage of this is that TIO is guaranteed by the Government to make sure that all operations comply with the standards, meaning you can be sure you won’t get ripped off and that you will be treated fairly.

What’s good about TIO is that they offer insurance products to both personal and business customers. Business products can include workers compensation, business insurance as well as trades pack and rural business pack.

I think most people will want to know more about the personal products in this review.

The most popular got to be car insurance, as we all drive, so why not get it from TIO? I saw that there are three types of cover that you can select from, ranging from the usual names. If you want to make sure you get the peace of mind with the highest protection, the Comprehensive cover would be the one you should worry about.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of things included in the cover. The list includes accidental loss/damage, emergency repairs, emergency accommodation, fire cover, theft cover, no claim bonus protection and heaps more. Most importantly, you can also get towing, transit cover and cover for personal property.

Following this, the next thing important to many people is home insurance. I particularly like their Premium Cover because it includes accidental damage as well. I was glad that the benefits include replacement for building, new for old for contents, as well as coverage for a range of events such as cyclone, flood, storm, earthquakes, lightning and many more.

One thing I thought to be very useful is that valuable items can also be insured. This includes loss to home, jewellery and many more.

If the house you own is not the home you live in, TIO also offers landlord insurance.

For many people, boats are their hobbies and therefore getting boat insurance is a must. The impressive thing is that TIO covers damages that occurs ashore, in transit and even when they are afloat on inland or in costal waters.

Besides the mentioned above, TIO also offers:

  • Strata title insurance
  • Croc attack insurance

I was particularly curious about the process to make a claim. Doing a bit of learning, I found out that there are three ways to make a claim, which I thought were very easy. You can do so online, call their hotline or visit a local branch.

TIO Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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