RACV Insurance Review

RACV is one of the insurance companies in Australia. Looking at their product portfolio, I am pleased at how they have designed their insurance packages to suit their clients’ needs and budgets. On top of their best customer service are plenty of discounts, and premium payment can be made on a monthly basis.

Car and motorcycle insurance are one of our must get insurance product as we are in our vehicles more than half of our times. You may like to get coverage from basic third party property insurance to a complete care comprehensive insurance. But the best option I suggest is to get the complete care insurance as it is a total protection package which includes, but limited to, car hire when accident or theft incident happens. And RACV makes sure your pets inside your car will also be taken care of. Another good product is the third party, fire and theft car insurance. It provides market value coverage of your precious vehicle. Your old cars as old as 1919 models can also be insured through veteran, vintage, and classic vehicles which I thought was very great.

As we invest our money and memories in our home, RACV provides home insurance products that will take care of our beloved homes and anything in it. RACV makes sure that both our home and the contents inside can be insured though their combined home buildings and contents insurance, which I honestly think is worth the premium payment. Did you know that landlords can also get landlord insurance? This insurance covers rent default and continuous rental income should the house ever be livable due to damage. Renters can also protect their belongings by getting the renter’s insurance.

Travelling can be so stressful however RACV has the right travel insurance product to fit our every travel. Whether you travel locally and oversees, RACV has domestic and international insurance you can get. If you are a frequent traveler, SACV also has this annual multi trip insurance for you.

Farmers and their properties can also be insured at RACV through farmers insurance. This insurance caters the specific needs of farms. The farmer can insure his farm, machinery and house and contents within the farms premises which I believe can give a complete peace of mind.

Caravan or trailer insurance and boat insurance are also available. These precious possessions need to be covered as well from natural calamities, theft and other deemed disasters. For your caravans, the coverage can be on a moving or stationary vehicle through a touring caravan or trailer insurance and onsite caravan insurance. RACV makes sure it has the right insurance for you.

RACV Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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