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There is nothing better than having your health insured by Westfund since they are an Australian member-owned company. This means their core motto is to provide services that are simple to deal with and comes with great premium rates. Most importantly, it is written on their website that every member is treated as an individually, something I thought was glad to know.

Now onto their health plans, there are actually a few to choose from.

To start, like most heath funds, their first prized cover is related to hospital. Westfund offers two products known as Hospital & Extras Cover, and Hospital Only Cover. It should be simple enough to see that the first plan offers the most benefits, and would be something I would check out first.

Under the Hospital & Extras Cover are even more levels to choose from, the top plan known as Platinum Extended. The things I love about this plan are that it can be used to include children between the age of 18 and 25. What really got me going is that there are no excess, no co-payments and no exclusions for in-hospital treatment, which I thought was a marvellous thing. Other benefits that you will be able to enjoy are physiotherapy, complementary therapies and more.

If for some reason you don’t want to take out both hospital and extras covers, you can also take out only one of them. Again, they have their own further plans.

One important thing that I was glad that was offered by Westfund is Ambulance Cover. This is a very serious coverage that I think everyone should get to ensure they can be treated on time if they are in need of medical care that is unexpected.

Finally the thing that stole my attention is that there are also plans for overseas cover. The implication of this plan is for Subclass 457 visa holders to get the health cover they need, which is compulsory by law. Three different packages are available to be chosen; Platinum Overseas, Gold Overseas and Hospital Overseas. The things you can get are very similar to the Hospital & Extras cover except it is for visa holders.

To see more information about Westfund and even have a comparison between all their plans, make sure you visit their website. If you need some assistance choosing which policy to obtain, there is also a line that you can contact. Or simply use their online form.

Westfund Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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