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Fast Cover is known to offer simple travel insurance that won’t leave you in a daze. This can easily be proven by the way they have shrunk their plans into two simple packages; Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip. At first I was a bit wary with only two plans, however I was soon proved wrong by the high quality features I found out.

One thing that I was amazed with is that the two plan listed on Fast Cover’s website actually includes other plans.

The most attractive one with the highest cover is known as Comprehensive. It can be taken out in single, duo and family policies. First of all, I was glad to see that they unlimited cancellation fees and overseas medical assistance/expenses. However the only thing that I found to be different is that there is a limit of up to $500 for dental expenses.

Now, the next thing that really overwhelmed me is their limits for additional expenses. Fast Cover offered up to $100,000 for families, and in my opinion, this is way more than any other insurer I have seen. Seeing this number would definitely give the traveller a peace of mind that they will be safe. Other benefits include up to $50,000 for accidental death, $10,000 for loss/stolen documents, cheques and credit cards. Luggage and personal effects can be paid out up to $500.

By the way I also saw that if you are going to the snow, there is also a Comprehensive cover with snow cover included. It is basically the same as the normal Comprehensive cover only with the extension of getting snow cover.

Next off, the other plan I thought was worthwhile to include is the Domestic cover for people staying in Australia. The only unlimited feature is cancellation fees and lost deposits, and there is no coverage for medical expenses, but then again, all Australians would have access to Medicare anyways. About their additional expenses cover, it was the same with the Comprehensive Cover amount which I thought was amazing. Also, this policy automatically covers snow and ski like equipment hire, piste closure and bad weather.

One important thing to take into consideration is making a claim. To launch your application, the only thing you need tod is give them a call. On Fast Cover’s website, there is a page that lists all the numbers that you can call depending on which country you are in, which I thought was very thoughtful of them. This way you won’t have to be charged with paying expensive overseas call by to Australia.

Fast Cover Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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