Defence Bank Insurance Review

Defence Bank Insurance is owned by the bank that started operation in March 1975. They have a list of great products like loans, credit cards, and even investment services, one of them insurance. I was able to access their lists from the top of their website, which I thought was very easy to do.

For all the drivers out there, I am certain that you will be able to benefit from the car insurance offered by Defence Bank. The names of their plans in their product portfolio are pretty much normal by offering things from comprehensive cover all the way to third party fire and theft, and third party property damage.

What really caught my eyes is that several options can be taken out such as Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy, Nominated Driver Motor Vehicle Insurance, and Nominated Driver Low Kilometre Motor Vehicle Insurance.

If cars are not your thing, or perhaps you also drive a motorcycle, motorcycle insurance is something that can offer you much peace of mind as well. The names of the plans are the same as in the car insurance, which I assume that the protection will be similar as well, except it will be for motorcycles, not cars.

Putting aside cars, the next most important thing for many people are their homes, and which is why I was so impressed by the things offered in the home and building insurance. In order to protect your property and building I was glad to see that a list of events are shown where you will be able to make a claim such as flood cover, theft, vandalism, and more. Accidental damages can also be claimed. In regards to contents insurance, the types of protection also come in listed events and accidental damage.

Moving up next is travel insurance. Unlike other brands, Defence Bank only offers comprehensive travel insurance which means you only have one choice to choose from. The key features that I found to be very useful and is glad that are included include things like luggage and travel document cover, overseas medical, hospital expenses, as well as cancellations and delays. I think all of these things are very important to as they offer protection to some of the most stressful things when events turn sour.

Besides all the mentioned policies, the last one that I felt needs a lot of emphasise is loan repayment insurance. Reading through the information page, I found out that it is a great way to make sure your loans can be repaid even if you have died. I think this will no doubt give relief to your loved ones.

Defence Bank Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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