MLC Insurance Review - Life

For your full insurance protection needs, be it life or non-life, I recommend MLC as it is the best provider of products and services. As I ran through their products and their 120 years of giving Australia their insurance coverage, my confidence in dealing with this company strengthened.

MLC Insurance is offered with a variety of product portfolios. One great product is their life cover insurance as it is a complete insurance package for life protection and covers terminal illness and accidental injury among its few features. MLC also has the critical illness and total permanent disability insurance which tackles and handles coverage when an insured gets sickness. Optional coverage can be chosen depending on budget. Accidental death is one we cannot predict and MLC has this accidental death insurance to protect us financially if we die through an accident.

Another MLC great product that caught my attention is the income protection insurance as this covers earning replacement if you cannot go to work due to illness or injury. This can come with the child critical illness insurance which helps to protect your finances if your child gets sick and dies.

For businesses, MLC has the business expense insurance that allows reimbursement of expenses if one is unable to work. If you want to keep your insurance even if you’re disabled and cannot work and cannot pay the premium, MLC’s premium waiver insurance is the right product for you. It waives your premium payment until the age of 65 if you are disabled, and until 12 months if you are retrenched from work. Medical practitioners are also considered by MLC in designing their insurance products. Occupationally acquired HIV and Hepatitis B or C infection insurance is available.

MLC is engaged in providing loan insurance products to its clients. NAB mortgage protect will be a good choice in protecting your mortgage repayment in case you die, become disable or retrenched from work. The MLC personal loan cover is for coverage of outstanding loan balance of maximum $80,000 and loan repayments of $5,000 if you are disabled or unemployed. On both products, it is commendable that MLC do not require medical exam or age limit. Acceptance of your policy is automatic.

General insurance products for your home and car are also available from MLC. What impressed me is that MLC allows you to cover home and contents through their home and contents insurance. Car insurance for our treasured cars is also in the list of widely acquired insurance from MLC. And residential investor’s insurance can also be availed.

If you are dealing with groups of people in your organisation, MLC can cover your entire team through its group insurance products. There is a wide range of coverage that you can choose from depending on your budget and desired coverage.

Nowadays, finding a reliable insurance company is difficult. But I tell you, choose an insurance company that has been in the insurance business for the longest time as this will prove their credentials. And MLC has lived with this portfolio of length of service and customer satisfaction. To MLC, I salute your team.

MLC Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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