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Online Travel Insurance is a choice to consider as another way to save on travel insurance. The first thing to know is that when you are purchasing through them, you are actually purchasing from Allianz as that is their underwriter. Knowing this fact, I was impressed to know that not only will my premiums be cheaper; I will also be offered protection by one of the biggest risk companies in Australia.

Unlike other standard insurers, Online Travel Insurance offers only two types of available plans that are made for travelling overseas as well as domestic travels.

Plan Number 1: Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Of all policies, I always prefer the one with the highest cover. Looking through the comprehensive benefits offered, I was proud to say that all the features met my expectation. Two plans exist; International and Domestic cover. Obviously, the plan for travelling overseas will contain higher limits and more protection as they are much more needed when leaving the country.

Concentrating on the International Cover, I was glad to see that there are unlimited claims for cancellation fees and lost deposits. This I found to be very important as some of the reasons why you may find this feature useful may be due to things outside your control like sickness, strikes and even natural disasters, and as we know, things like this can happen anytime and is usually the most expensive to recover from. Other unlimited covers that I found very worthwhile to take note on are medical assistance, and medical expenses.

In terms of claim limits for other benefits, I learned that additional expense reaches up to $50,000, accidental death reaches up to $25,000, replacement documents, credit cards and traveller cheques up to $10,000; all I found to be very reasonable.

Plan Number 2: Cancellation Travel Insurance

One of the unique approaches Online Travel Insurance takes is that if you do not take the comprehensive cover, your only other option is to get the lowest cover, in this case Cancellation Travel Insurance. As distinguished by its name, it only offers coverage for cancellations and lost deposits. In my opinion, this is really not enough. It does not cover for medical expenses or lost assets.

Once you have made up your mind, you can easily get a quote and purchase your policy direct from their website. If you have any enquires, simply give them a call which is free from all landlines. This I found to be a very big advantage.

Online Travel Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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