Zurich Insurance Review

Zurich Insurance is a multinational company that I have come across in several countries. Their services reach from products for individuals, all the way to businesses. What seemed very interesting to me though is that Zurich seems to have a lot of emphasise on getting an insurance broker and even provide links to where you can choose a good one which I thought was very useful.

Getting into business, Zurich offers four types of insurance products in their portfolio for individuals.

The NSW CTP Green Slips is no doubt something we would all be familiar with. This is only available for drivers in New South Wales and was created to help protect third parties from injuries. As shown on their website, the advantages of choosing Zurich to get your CTP policy include competitive price, automatically includes At-Fault Driver, and many more.

Moving on, I was very surprised to see the wide variety of different life insurance products offered. This seemed to be one of their main products. I was astonished to see that there are policies for almost every life stages, and all the types of cover you need.

For example I was particularly attracted to their death cover. This is a comprehensive cover that can be used to pay debts and even funeral if you suddenly die. The best feature of this though is being able to get a lump sum benefit. Another plan that I was very interested about was Accident Income and Income Protection. They are both similar and can be used to pay you up to 75% of your monthly income if you are unable to work. I thought the percentage was very high and would definitely be able to help those people in need.

Other life insurance products I was pleased to see offered by Zurich are accidental death, TPD, business expenses and child trauma.

One insurance product growing in popularity is credit card/debit card insurance. The great thing is that a list of card providers are accepted to be insured, including Commonwealth Bank, St George, HSBC and Bankwest among many others. The benefits that you may be able to receive that I thought was overwhelming includes thing like funeral expenses, loss of income, legal liability and more.

For those thinking of moving house, you are going to find the home removals insurance very worthwhile. I really liked the fact that it is suitable for families and individuals moving within in Australia, as well as several selected destinations overseas. Their plans come in Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Zurich Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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