1Cover Insurance Review - Travel, Car, Home

1Cover Insurance is a widely known online insurer that started out with providing travel insurance but now also offers other selections as well. The main reason why one would prefer 1Cover over other insurers is usually due to the fact that online insurers tend to charge cheaper quotes for their premiums.

Taking a look at their travel insurance, I learned that they are currently rated 4.5 starts from several reviewers. Not only does this mean that 1Cover offers great quality travel insurance, the way they handle customers queries are close to perfection. There are six different types of travel insurance that vary from where the traveller is going, whether it is overseas or domestic, and whether they are visiting Australia as a tourist or if they are heading to the snow. One interesting thing that I realised is that there is also a policy for people that are already overseas. This is a pretty uncommon policy but seeing it is offered by 1Cover really proves their desire to be innovative.

1Cover car insurance is actually quite a new product that has been added to their website. It appeared to me that there is only one plan, meaning you won’t have the possibility to find a package that had been made especially for people in your situation. Looking through the included features, I thought the really important ones were legal liability, rental car, as well as a range of options. Regarding other types of motor insurance, I learned they also offer caravan insurance and landlord insurance.

You are more than welcome to change to 1Cover home insurance and not be charged extras to pay monthly. This means that you will be able to make sure your treasures and possessions are kept protected without having to worry about paying a huge sum at one go. What I really liked about this cover is that you are able to get instant coverage, new-for-old replacement, guest cover and up to a year of temporary accommodation.

Life insurance will enable you to secure your family’s future under competitive rates. There are three different covers; Permanently Unable to Work, Critical Illness and Life Insurance. The amount of coverage you can purchase depends on your age, which I think it is a reasonable way to determine the limit.

If 1Cover sounds like something that would be good for you, feel free to check their website for more information.

1Cover Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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