Travel Insurance Cover Review

Travel Insurance Cover is an online insurer that states on their website that they offer 30% discounts to all their policies. If you are looking for a way to make your time away safe, this may be a company you may want to choose. Besides the reason that your premium will be much cheaper, their policies are also underwritten by QBE Insurance, meaning you are certain you will be able to get a payout on your claim.

What interesting about their international travel insurance is that it is a comprehensive cover. But put aside the number of things you will be protected for, the even better things are that certain features have unlimited payout such as cancellation fees, medical expenses and evacuation. There are also coverage for delays, stolen belonging, and also personal liability. And to make sure you get the most out of your policy you can also take out several optional additional benefits like coverage for snow.

I found that anyone can apply for a policy, however one thing to point out is that if you are over the age of 70 you will need to go through a medical test before you can be considered.

There is a domestic travel insurance plan for people that are only travelling within Australia. This is available for people going interstate for both holiday and business reasons. It can also be bought for people that are thinking of renting a vehicle to drive around Australia or even cruse in Australia water. Regarding rental vehicles, $3,000 of rental vehicle insurance excess is covered as standard, and covers the excess event of accidents and fire. For those people going on a cruise, you will be offered up to $50,000 of medical expenses protection, and $1,000 for dental.

One innovative policy offered by Trave Insurance Cover that you opt to check out is their budget travel insurance. It offers cheaper policies and is great for Australians travelling overseas with only just the essentials covered. It can be used on singles as well as couples. Some of the things that this policy lack though is that it do not cover for existing medical conditions, snow sports or cruising.

The two other policies offered are:

  • Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance – A plan that lets you be insured for an entire year if you need to travel a lot.
  • Non Resident Travel Insurance – Even though only Australians can take out a policy, this plan is an exception. This is great for tourists coming to Australia.

Travel Insurance Cover has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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