QTMB Insurance Review

QTMB is a well-known Queenslander bank recognised for their low fees and competitive rates. In this review we will be looking at QTMB Insurance and the things that you can take out from them. Judging by their website, products come under the categories of general insurance, term/life insurance and travel insurance.

General Insurance basically includes the more common insurance policies types. The first is Home and Contents insurance. This plan features two types of plans; First Choice Accidental Damage and First Choice Listed Events. Some of the features that really stole my interest are the facts that you can get new-for-old cover for your contents, open air cover, as well as coverage for valuable items like jewellery and certain electrical equipment. Other similar insurance policies are landlord insurance and loan repayment insurance.

Car insurance is something that a lot of people would need. The main reasons for choosing QTMB that I can see is that you can choose the market or agreed value of your car. Excess can be chosen by you so that you can have a say about your premiums. Best of all, you can get a new car replacement if your new car is up to three years old. And if you are a safe driver, it is stated on their website that you can also be eligible for up to 60% of discounts, which you must agree is a lot.

If you have other types of vehicles beside a car, QTMB also offers motorcycle, boat and caravan insurance. The benefits of these policies include coverage for accidental loss or damage, fire, theft and many more. What I really like about it is that there are many different policies that you can take out depending on the type of vehicle you have.

The next category of insurance offered is life insurance and other insurance types related to it. They are all named Ezicover and offers things like Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Accident Income and Accidental Death. Basically how I see it, you will be able to be guaranteed a lump of sum when you pass away or suffer a terminal disease that stops you from working.

Finally, the last product that QTMB offers is travel insurance. However the thing that struck me is that the policies are actually offered by another company known as Diploma Travel. Several plans are offered to you including Comprehensive, Budget, Necessities, Annual Frequent Traveller, and Domestic. In order to get a quote, all you have to do is select your age and then follow the on screen instructions. Everything else seemed pretty much straightforward.

QTMB Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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