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POMI stands for Peace of Mind Insurance, and that is exactly what they offer. I came to this conclusion because as soon as I arrived to their website, I saw that they are the only online insurer that offers things like motor warranties for dealer purchase, auction purchases and even grey imports.

First of all, I came across many reasons why buying car insurance directly is such a good idea. According to their website, you are able to get quality coverage without the expensive price tag and let you pay month by month or upfront.

Starting at their gap insurance, there are three different policies to choose from. The main difference between them is the limit of cover. The highest plan, known as Gap 2, offers up to $30,000 worth of coverage for five years.

I think the most important thing to note down is that anyone can quality for a policy, even if you have already purchased your car. All you need to do is contact them and they will have everything sorted out for you.

For their extended motor warranty insurance, I am still awestruck by the different options they have; private sales, renewal, import and auction. For every plan, there are four plans to choose from, differing by the period of cover and the limits you can claim. The advantages of getting extended warranty is so that you can make sure your vehicle will stay in its originally condition for as long as possible. The important thing is that to qualify, all you need to do is produce a written report of your car. I thought this was very simple and easy to do.

Another product that I found to be very interesting is their roadside assistance. Unlike other firms that include roadside assistance in their policies, POMI enables you to take them out separately. Judging by the different plans they offered, which are all classed by the number of months you will be covered for, I was pretty pleased with their price. For example, roadside assistance for 60 months only cost $260. As you can see, it is cheaper than affordable.

Other advantages include getting emergency fuel, free towing, as well as help with flat batteries and flat tyres. These are all common things drivers can get stuck in, so seeing they are all included truly gave me a peace of mind. To prove this point, there are already thousands of drivers that have bought this plan, as shown on their website.

POMI Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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