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National Seniors Insurance is just one of the very few numbers of companies that offer services to older Australians. What I know about their history is that they have more than 35 years of experience with more than 200,000 members across the country. As stated on their website, joining National Seniors can put your voice into part of something bigger.

Because National Seniors only serve matured aged Australians, I was impressed to see the extensive list of insurance types that can be taken out. It covers all the assets that are common and important to older people such as health, funeral and even travel.

I think the most important thing in life is to have your health and life protected. The interesting thing with National Seniors is that their health insurance is offered through NIB. This means that you will be able to customise your policy to suit your need and include the level of hospital and extra covers that are likely to benefit you. Some of the coverage includes accidental injury, optical, hearing aids and more.

Another policy worthwhile to consider is life insurance. There is no age group that needs this cover more than the seniors. This is because the older you are, the higher your risk will be of getting injured or even suffer a terminal illness that may stop you from working. In the worst case, you may even die. The good thing about this policy is that you will be able to receive a lump sum of payment to help you or your family get through the tough time. And what can you spend the money on? According to their website you are able to use it to pay off any debts, create an instate estate or even be used to maintain your quality of life.

So you’ve spent your enter life working for your home and vehicles, so it is only normal for you to want to make sure your hard effort will remain. What caught my attention is that you will be able to get car insurance through Allianz which will be able to benefit you in many ways. For example, I love the way how you are able to get a quote online, have the ability to pay each month, as well as receive up to 65% of no claim bonus discount. Also, Queensland CTP is also available to be purchased through National Seniors.

Other vehicle insurance offered are boat insurance, caravan insurance and trailer insurance.

Home insurance is also underwritten by Allianz. What I really admire about the company is that they understand the unique needs of their older customers which is why there are two levels of covers to choose from; Classic and Prestige Home Insurance.

If you also happen to own a small business to keep your income rolling in during your older years, farm insurance, landlord insurance and small business insurance may also benefit you as well.

The other products offered by National Seniors include:

  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Funeral and Estate Plan

National Seniors Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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