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Velosure Insurance is a unique company because they deal directly with cycling enthusiasts. I learned from their website that they were established back in 2007. In my opinion, the advantage of choosing an insurer like Velosure to insure your bikes is that they understand the risks assoicated with most cyclists.

See how you can keep your bicycle save with bicycle insurance. According to their website, you will be protected in events when your bike is stolen your home or when you are out. The thing that I really like is that it also covers you if you crash, regardless if it is in a race, in the mark or even as a commuter. Lastly, Velosure also insures your biek if it is on the roof of your car, which I found to be rather interesting.

I decided to get a test quote to see how much an average policy would cost. First I had to enter the value of the bike and then the type it is. I had the choice of mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, recumbent bike, track bike and BMX. Then I had to enter the suburb where the bike would be stored, my age and my gender. Upon receiving the quote I was surprised that it was actually quite reasonable of only about $20 a month.

The other type of insurance that I was also surprised Velosure also offers is travel insurance. I guess this would be useful for people that tend to travel a lot with their bikes to attend certain events and contests. There are three different policies that you able to choose form; Comprehensive, Budget and Snow Cover. All of them offers protection for your bike, if that is something you are concerned about.

Besides the products mentioned above, Velsure also offers:

  • Business Insurance - According to how I see it, this is the policy for people that own a business in the cycle industry.
  • Personal Insurance - This seems to benefit customers that are also getting bicycle insurance from Velsoure. This insurance gives them acccess to other products as well such as home and contents insurance, car insurance and landlord insurance.
  • Event Insurance - It is common sense to know that events can cause accidents. With this policy, you can be sure that all the risks related problems will be solved. What I really love about it is that it does not matter if your event is on the road, off the road, multi day or even if it is charity.

Velosure Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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