Bankwest Insurance Review - Car, Home, Travel

Bankwest Insurance is just one of the categories offered by one of the major brands in the country. What I really adore about this company is the fact they have been in Australia for so long and have been providing so many high quality products they have been able to grow and grow. I am sure just by hearing their name that their insurance products will be great.

By what I can see, I was overwhelmed by the number of policies they offer. They are all in the area of personal insurance.

The first product listed is home and contents insurance, with the option to get landlord insurance as well. The first thing that made me smile is that if you combine home and contents insurance together into one policy, you will automatically be eligible for a 5% discount. Some of the very impressive things included in the benefits are flood cover, no limit on electrical burnout, and most importantly, you are given the ability to choose the excess so you can easily control the premium you want to pay. I think this is a great way for people to save money.

The next personal product is car insurance. I read on their website that Bankwest is putting a lot of emphasis on their comprehensive cover. I had a look at all the features and can understand why as I was very impressed with what I saw. Firstly, you are able to get a new car if your new vehicle is damaged beyond repair in a total loss within the first two years of the original registration. Also, the coverage amount of personal items is as high as $750. Besides Comprehensive, the other covers you can choose are Third party property damage and bodily injury, and Third party property damage including fire and theft.

Another policy that a lot of people like to take out is life insurance. Seeing what Bankwest offers, I really recommend getting your policy from them. The first reason is that they insure up to $1,000,000 as well as options to get extra protection such as serious illness and serious impairment cover. There are no medical tests to do so you can be sure that you will have a high chance of being accepted.

The fourth product that I would want to include is their travel insurance. This is because they let you claim on emergencies, dental expenses as well as unlimited accommodation in case something stops you from completing your journey. All of these come under two plans, Holiday Travel and Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance.

Bankwest Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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