Pet Cover Insurance Review

Pet Cover is the name of another pet insurance company made for the health of your cats and dogs. The first thing that I saw on their homepage is that pets can be insured from 8 weeks of age all the way up to their 9th birthday. What really caught my attention though is that there are no waiting periods if you are buying coverage for injuries. However there is a 30 day waiting period if the cover is for illness.

To get a quote, all I had to do was fill in a little box on their website. It was enough to do, simply enter the amount of cats and dogs I have and then choose the excess. The amount I need to pay was immediately displayed.

One thing that I want to point out that I really found interesting is that according to their FAQ page, if you bought a monthly premium and wishes to cancel, you are more than welcome to do so before one year of your policy period. However this is only possible if you have not made any claims.

It seems to be that there is only one cover for cats insurance. The price starts from $32.40 a month and includes coverage for vet expenses. Besides that, there is also coverage for ticks. There are two types of Excess; standard and saver.

In terms of their dog insurance, things were also pretty much similar. The only difference was the price. For some reasons, the price per month to insure your dog is $42. Why this is the case is not explained, but in my opinion, this may be because the risks associated with dogs are generally higher since they are more active animals.

Even after seeing all the positive things about this company, one of the pity things is that Pet Cover does not provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. However if the pre-existing condition takes place after the policy is built, then the pet will be covered.

In order to make a claim, you must download the claim forms and then send it to their office. The claim forms only consisted of two pages, and looking through it, most of the questions were pretty much straightforward. I don’t think anyone would encounter any difficulties filling them out. If you do come across any problems, you can also alternatively give Pet Cover a call and someone will be able to process your claim through the phone instead.

Pet Cover Insurance has been rated 5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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