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AI Insurance is a unique company that believes that getting car insurance shouldn’t be seen as an extra expense to driving. This is why as seen on their website that they offer several different insurance covers as well as the option to tailor the needs so that it will fit your needs. It was clear to me that AI is beyond your average insurer.

Immediately on their website, there was already a list of features that you will be able to enjoy:

  • Reducible excess structure
  • Glass cover
  • Rating 1 protection
  • Online quotes

For drivers that want to make sure that no unfortunate event will let them down, there is comprehensive car insurance. Coverage includes the cost to pay for towing and storage cost, legal liability and even baby capsules and child car seats. One unique aspect that seemed very unique is that glass cover is excess free. Best of all, payment options can be chosen to be monthly to ensure that you have the ability to keep paying.

For those that need a lighter cover, third party property damage car insurance is another option. This economical car insurance comes at an affordable price and even gives you the ability to reduce excess structures. Through my eyes the main aim of this cover is to protect you from damaging someone’s property and the liabilities that may arise with it. I think this is great for first time drivers that are looking for some sort of insurance but can only afford a cheaper selection compared to a comprehensive cover.

The highest type of policy is known as platinum cover insurance. The only criteria to meet in order to take out this policy is to be an existing comprehensive car insurance customer. Basically, this is like an extension with extra coverage like roadside assistance, substitute car, transit cover and car hire. For anyone wanting to get the highest protection from such an affordable insurer, this the one to choose.

For even further protection, there are also extras to take out. Through experience, it is very important that customers have gone through at least several of them to see how they will be able to protect them from something dramatic in the future. Examples of extras include mechanical breakdown insurance, small dents insurance and personal accident cover.

One little down side to AI Insurance is that in order to get a quote you must give them a call. However, the advantage of doing so is that you will have someone to talk to that can guide you through the process if you decide to purchase a policy.

AI Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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  1. worst insurer i have ever come across

    worst insurer i have ever come across

    Worst insurer ever. Stay away

    Worst insurer ever. Stay away

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