iSelect Insurance Review - Car, Health, Life

iSelect is one of the leaders in online insurance comparison. If you have been keeping up with all the latest consumer trends, you would likely come across many people mentioning the benefits of comparing insurance policies before taking one out. The reason being is that you will be able to save money and make sure what you are buying is actually worth the price.

iSelect offers comparison for several insurance products, all related to personal.

The first is health insurance. According to their claims, they are the number one most visited insurance comparison website and lets you compare all the top companies like AHM, Frank and TUH. It is available for both Australians and people coming to visit.

Feeling a bit curious I decided to do a sample quote. Basically the things that I had to enter is who the cover is for and my postcode.

The next insurance product that you can compare is car insurance. Simply select your car's make, model and year and a list of policies will be displayed to you. I was liked the way the have set out their user interface because it made it very easy for me to tell the different between each other. It was also very helpful that the best deal was displayed on the top.

The brands that you will be ablet o compare againsts are Kudos, AI, Retirease, Silverfox and many more.

Finally, life insurance is the third thing that you can compare. However, what amazed me is that several separate policies came under this category. By this I mean you are also able to compare income protection, funeral insurance, key man insurance, trauma insurance and total permanent disablement insurance.

Besides insurance products, iSelect can also let you compare:

  • Home loans
  • Gas
  • Broadband

One reason why I really trust iSelect is that they also offer guides to help customer save money and gets tip on things like how to switch insurers. I think this is very important as customers are always wanting to get the best deal and would frequently need to change insurers.

To see more about what they offer and to see how much you can save, simply go to their website. If you are not good with technology, you can also give them a call and someone on the other end will be able to get the quote for you which you can also apply for.

iSelect Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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