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ACE Group is part of one of the world’s largest insurance company offering casualty and property insurance. Their website told me that they mainly offer business insurance, however there are still a couple of products targeted at individuals and personals.

ACE’s list of business insurance actually extends to a pretty long list. Several different categories were listed with further products under them.

  • Accident and Health Insurance: Options that fall under this list include insurance for volunteers and journeys.
  • Casualty Insurance: Most of the policies are dealt around liability insurance.
  • Environmental Liability Insurance: Insurance related to damages done to nature such as pollution and the effects or storage tanks.
  • Financial Insurance: The services offered under this line ranges from different liability insurance to some directed to commercial crime and financial intuitions.
  • Marine and Cargo Insurance
  • Property Insurance: Includes cover like construction insurance, oil insurance, etc.
  • Risk Management

The first insurance selection aimed at individuals is leisure travel insurance. The significance of this policy is that it is only available to customers that are travelling only for enjoyment purposes. This means a person going on a business trip would not be eligible for this product; however there is an alternative business travel insurance that can be taken out under their business section instead.

The main features in this policy are pretty much similar to other travel insurance I have seen in the past, including coverage for medical expenses, lost luggage/travel documents and loss of deposits. The one that really stood out to me is emergency dental cover. Not a lot of companies offer dental cover, and even more does not offer one that is made for emergencies.

The levels of coverage you can choose are One Trip, Annual plans for international and domestic trips.

Several personal insurance are available that falls under a couple of plans. The first is Active Lifestyle Protection, which as I can see is similar to life insurance. Bill Protect has close resemblance to income protection insurance, and Cancer Plans is typically health insurance but for protection against cancer.

One interesting thing to note is that these personal insurance products were offered on their own separate website. There are no medical tests required to join, which is great news for people that are uncomfortable with having their personal information shared. The costs for a cover were also fairly cheap, starting only from around $5 a month for their Cancer Plan and $8 a month for their Lifestyle Protection.

ACE Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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