Australian Seniors Insurance Review - Car, Travel

There is a brand really recommendable for seniors wanting to take out insurance. Australian Seniors Insurance has been providing quality and affordable policies to older Australians since 1998. They have introduced many policies that embrace comprehensive covers so that their customers will get the peace of mind to enjoy life.

The thing that really caught my eyes is that Australian Seniors’ underwriters are carefully selected in order to make sure their financial strength and potential reaches the standards of the mature Australian market.

There are two covers under home and contents insurance, designed to protect your home from serious threats and losses. The two covers are known as Top Cover and Essential Cover. Implied by their names, no doubt Top Cover would be the preferred choice since it is the most comprehensive. In order to prove this point, the Top Cover includes coverage for accidents, damages caused by fire, earthquake, as well as malicious damages. The main difference between this cover and the Essential cover is that the claim limits is just about twice as much the Essential cover.

Every senior has different needs when it comes to driving; this is why the car insurance offered by Australian Seniors let you build your own policy. The plans available are closely standardised to other car insurers such as comprehensive, pay as you drive, and third party property car insurance. The unique plan though is known as Build Your Own car insurance which lets you choose the features you need. With just a glance through the coverage, I really liked their repairs, towing costs, as well as transit covers.

Travel insurance is also something offered by this company. I personally know a lot of retiree spending their days travelling, and in my eyes, there is no better travel insurer to choose than from a company that specialises with seniors. Plans can be bought for annual trips and single trips, and can be used to travel both internationally and domestically. One thing I really liked is that there are several pre conditions that will be automatically covered like asthma, epilepsy, diabetes non-insulin dependent and stroke. I found this fact to be very useful because it is not uncommon for the elderlies to have some sort of illness.

Lastly, the final product offered is funeral insurance. Even though this is a bit of a gloomy subject, it is something you can’t ignore. On the bright side though, I came across many advantages for choosing this cover. Examples include being cover 24/7, have your claim paid at your death, as well as choosing single or family cover options.

Australian Seniors Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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