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The name COTA is one of the leading insurance companies in Australia. As seen on their website, they have been providing services to their customers for more than 20 years with success and glory. The types of insurances provided by COTA Insurance are Home & Contents Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Caravan & Trailer Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Pet Insurance. Along with all sorts of insurance policies, COTA Insurance also provides various types of added benefits.

  • Home and Contents Insurance - This insurance policy keeps your home and the belongings you love most totally safe and protected. The thing I love about this insurance policy is that it offers a wide range of features to the customers. The payment options and premiums are affordable, making it a great choice for people on a budget. The procedures for making claims also look very easy. Through this plan, you can protect your home and valuable contents from fire, theft, flood, and storm or any other natural calamities and accidents.
  • Motor Insurance - With Motor Insurance offered by the COTA Insurance, you can protect your vehicles from different types of damages and losses caused to you by others and yourself. You can choose options like Comprehensive Motor Insurance or the Third Party Property Damage Cover plans, which I think look very high quality. You can claim for the damages caused to your vehicles for any kind of theft, fire, accident, storm or lightening and many other calamities.
  • Landlord Insurance - This insurance plan is the best one to provide protection for your residential properties and assets. With this insurance plan, you can protect your property from any malicious damage, loss of income from rental, vandalism and many others. Best of all, I was amazed to see that can enjoy the expense protection of up to $10 million being the owner of your insured property.
  • Caravan And Trailer Insurance - Through this insurance policy, you can keep your caravans and trailers from any kind of accidents or damages. The Comprehensive accidental loss cover plan has been designed to keep your caravans and trailers protected from any theft or fire.
  • Travel Insurance - This travel insurance policy provides you a safe trip at anywhere on this planet. Along with yourself, you can insure your family members with the travel insurance plan.
  • Pet Insurance - Pet Insurance has been designed to protect your animals as pet has become a part of your family in the present days. All sorts of medical costs for accidents, injuries or illness to your pets are covered by this policy.

COTA Insurance has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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  1. Don't go anywhere without COTA Travel Insurance! Last May, while traveling in Spain, I fell and broke and dislocated my ankle. I required immediate surgery in a local hospital in Ronda. The support I received from COTA was nothing short of amazing. They were available 24/7 via email, a nurse rang from Australia, every day while I was in hospital, which was so good as local staff spoke very little English. They organised assurance of payment to the hospital, flights home, first class with wheel chair assist at every stop over plus fast tracking through airports. Flights of pre booked flights to France were refunded.
    I did a lot of research before purchasing travel insurance before we left and COTA were very competitive and although travel insurance can seem expensive it is worth every little bit when needed. I highly recommend COTA travel insurance and will never travel without them again!

    not great customer service for home insurance, kept waiting 2 weeks for a claim after the assessor came out, rang to make enquiries 3 times,no one could be bothered ringing back 82 year old woman left distressed.

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