Lifebroker Insurance Review

There are plenty of people that prefer to save their money than to purchase life insurance. However, not only can this be a dangerous approach that can leave your family in a frenzy after your passing, you are actually hurting your finances even more by not having a backup to help you. Lifebroker is a company that lets you compare leading life insurance companies to help you find a policy that is right for you under affordable prices.

I read on their website that the companies you will be able to compare are actually some of the biggest names in the country and the world, such as Zurich, CommInsure and Macquarie Life. The different quotes you can get for different insurance types are also something to observe.

The first product that you can get a quote for is income protection. You can be sure that up to 75% of your income can be paid out to you if you are suddenly able to work for a temporary amount of time. The best thing about this product is that you will continue to receive payments until you are healthy enough to get back to work, or at the end of your benefit period.

Funeral insurance will be able to give your loved ones a peace of mind when it comes to sorting out your funeral. Even though you won’t be there to see it happen, Lifebroker will be able to find a policy for you that will pay out a lump sum to your family. The good thing about this policy is that you are able to sign up for it anytime of your life, even if it is very late.

So that you will be able to continue to pay back your mortgage repayments, mortgage insurance is another product available for you to compare. According to Lifebroker’s website, several other insurance types are also included in your plan such as total and permanent disability, trauma cover and more.

Besides products aimed at personals, there are also policies aimed to employers such as group life insurance. I was very amazed that up to 1,500 can be insured, but this depends on the size of the organisation.

There are more policies on the LIfebroker’s website.

I read that there are several ways for you to compare policies and get a quote. First, you can call them on their appropriate numbers and someone will be able to direct you through the process, beyond the quote and even apply for a policy. Secondly, you can request them to call you, or better; just get a quote from their website.

Lifebroker Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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