Prosusre Pet Insurance Review

Prosure Pet Insurance offers a unique of a kind protection for cats and dogs. They are actually one of the more popular brands in the market in terms of insuring animals. According to their website’s About Us page, they are underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company and is promoted by Provet. What really opened my eyes is the fact that they have over 18 years of experience, not just in Australia, but the world.

Prosure offers several levels of plan. Each one can be tailored to suit the needs of your individual pets, and most importantly, if you are going to insure several pets, they can all have their own different policies. This gave me the impression that the company actually understands the need of their customers and is not just here to make profit.

The highest level of protection that you can obtain is under their Platinum Cover plan. This package covers accidental injuries; illness covers as well as wellness care. The annual claim you are allowed to make is $14,500 a year, which can be made up of up to 80% of your vet bills. The thing that differs this plan from the others is that you are also eligible for dental and tick paralysis that also comes with higher limits.

If the first cover is too much for you, the next cover down is known as Gold Cover. The only difference between this and the Platinum Cover is that it only offers Accidental Injury and Illness cover but not Wellness Cover. It is very similar to the Platinum Cover with lower limits.

One of the downside with both of these plans is that they both have a 30 days waiting period for illness conditions. If you are looking for cruciate ligament claims, there is six months waiting period.

The most basic plan is Silver Cover. The annual benefit limit is $8,000 which under some circumstances can be seen as a reasonable amount. This policy only covers accidental injuries and not illnesses, which can be a pity. This means several things will not be covered such as cancer treatment, skin conditions, infectious diseases and more.

Of all these plans, what I really like about them is that there are no excess. Overseas pet travel insurance is also included as long as your pet is not required to be quarantined when it returns to Australia. And if you decide to take out several policies to insure all your pets, discounts of 10% can be applied.

Prosure Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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