Over Fifty Insurance Review - Car, Life, Travel

Over Fifty Insurance is a company that has designed its insurance packages in such a way so that the packages can provide protection to your vehicles, personal belongings, home and many other things. Over Fifty Insurance is a renowned name in the insurance sector of Australia. The insurance policies offered by this company include car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, caravan & trailer insurance, landlord insurance, and boat insurance. All these insurance packages provide many benefits by which you can ensure a safe and protected life.

  • Car Insurance - Car insurance offered by Over Fifty Insurance provides safety to your personal vehicles. The comprehensive car insurance plan is designed to provide you the opportunity to drive with confidence. With this insurance plan, you can claim for any damages caused to your car for any kind of theft, accidents, fire, lightening or any other form of accidents. This car insurance also covers the damages caused to the people's properties by your insured car.
  • Home Insurance - With the home insurance plan from Over Fifty Insurance, you can protect your home and prized belongings. Enjoy a wide variety of benefits and features by having this home and content insurance plan. The premium rate is very much simple and affordable enough for all types of Australians. There are some packages from which you can choose the right one for you. The packages are over fifty prestige plan, over fifty classic plan and over fifty vital plan. With the home insurance plan, you can get a special feature which is known as the flood cover plan.
  • Travel Insurance - The travel insurance plan is made to provide you a safe and protected journey to enjoy the attractive places all over the world. You can keep yourself and your family members fully protected with the help of travel insurance packages offered by Over Fifty Insurance. There are different types of travel insurance plans which are: Comprehensive International, Budget Cover, Australia Only and the Frequent Traveler+. All these plans are designed to fulfill a safe trip that you always desire.
  • Caravan & Trailer Insurance - This insurance plan is made to provide protection to your caravan and trailers. Any kind of accidental loss or damages to your insured caravan & trailers are covered by this insurance package.
  • Landlord Insurance - This insurance policy is designed to offer safety to your personal properties. The extra feature which is included with this insurance policy is the flood cover plan.
  • Club Marine Boat Insurance - The boat insurance plan is made to cover all sorts of damages caused to your boats for any kind of theft or accidents. You can feel relieved about the safety of your boats, when you have the boat insurance offered by the Over Fifty Insurance.

Over Fifty Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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