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Columbus Direct is a travel insurer with a name for offering affordable policies. The thing that differentiates them from other insurers is that they sell their insurance directly to their customers. In other words, you won’t have to go through an agent or another party to receive your policy, and thus, you get to save money since there are no commissions to pay.

My first impression of the company is that they have more than 20 years of experience. According to their website, they started their business in the UK and have now bought their services to Australia. This can only be possible if they have been doing things right and are receiving enough customers to let them expand.

One of the policies that caught my eyes is the International Policy that allows you to be protected while you are away in a different country. I was generally content to see that all the essential features are included such as medical expenses, delays, baggage, money and document protection. But what really got me pumping are not the features but how much they charged. After doing a test quote, I was surprised that it was way cheaper than the quote I was offered from a traditional insurer.

Single Trip is another type of product offered by Columbus Direct with three different levels of covers to select from. The lowest one is known as Basics Cover and offers medical and liability protection. In my opinion, this plan is great for people to ensure they are able to return home healthy and alive.

The plan up a level is the Standard Cover. The additional features that you will be able to enjoy are baggage delay, car rental excess waiver as well as cancellation. This seems to be a rather reasonable plan to take out as it includes just the right amount of covers. The trip duration can last anywhere between one day to a year, and is available for both international and domestic trips.

For those people that want to be protected with the highest cover, Premier Cover is there for you. It is basically the same as the Standard Cover however with higher limits. I actually think that this would be a better plan if you are choosing to purchase from a budget insurer such as Columbus Direct because you would be paying cheaper premiums while getting extra higher claim limits.

Finally the last product that you can take out is Annual Travel Insurance. It can be bought by individual, couples and families. The upside to this plan is that it lets you go anywhere in the world as much time as you want as long as each of the trips is less than 60 days.

Columbus Direct Insurance has been rated 4 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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