Prime Pet Insurance Review

To begin, Prime Pet Insurance is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company, no doubt one of the most successful insurers in the market today. According to what I saw on their website, there are three different plans available to be taken out with the advantage of getting up to 85% of vet costs given back to you.

I have seen a lot of pet insurers lately, and it seems Prime is one of the most talked about.

You can easily apply for a policy and get a quote directly from their website. I dug through their policy booklet and learned that the premium will be charged from the beginning of the protection until the next anniversary of the coverage. The price can be calculated under several aspects such as risks, the cover you have chosen and even the benefit percentage. It was hard to pin point if there were any advantages or disadvantages because it differs from people to people.

Another thing to know is that there is a 14 day period of cooling down. This means during this time you won’t be able to make any claims. This is actually a very common features included in many policies from other insurers as well, so this isn’t really much to fret about, especially when 14 days isn’t considered to be a long time.

Accidental Injury Cover is the name of the first cover. In my opinion, this would be perfect for pet owners that are only concerned about their cats or dogs accidentally getting hurt while they are out and about with their business. Something to note though is that the accident must be a direct consequence of a motor vehicle incident, snake bites, allergic reaction to insect bites, fall, allergies, or any injury results in bone fracture, traumatic ligament or abrasion of tissue.

Illness Cover is the next cover that was made to protect your pets from getting sick. If they do get sick you will be entitled to get back a percentage of your vet fees. I think this is a great way to ensure your furry friends will be able to get professional help and advice without the expensive cost.

The third cover is known as Additional Benefits, and just as the name implies, it offers things that are not included in the other covers. For example, if you the owner, gets injured and have to be in hospital, Prime will be able to pay you for the cost for boarding your pet.

To see the other coverage offered by Prime Pet Insurance, go to their website and either apply for a quote or download their policy PDF document.

Prime Pet Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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