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Best Buy is one of the smaller car insurance companies that offer something different. They have a belief that good quality drivers should not have to pay expensive premiums, especially if they are not represented as high risk. Looking through their About Us page, I read that they are part of Auto & General Insurance Company and began its business in Australia in 1999.

Upon landing onto their page, the first thing that users will be able to do is get a quote. The year model starts from 1961 and reaches all the way to 2012. Most of the makes of the car was able to be chosen afterwards.

I actually found many reasons to why Best Buy is so much better than the other choices in the market. For example, you will have a lifetime guarantee on repairs. This is something I always look out for when deciding on whether or not a policy is good. By having a lifetime guarantee means you will be able to rest assured that no matter where or how your car is damaged you will be able to get the peace of mind that it will get repaired.

The next thing that I really like is that you can choose your own preferred repairer. Obviously no one cares more about your car than you, and to have the option to choose the place you want your car to be repaired in is something very desirable.

And let us don’t forget that premiums will be reduced for safe drivers. If I am right, Best Buy only accepts customers that are over 25 years old with a good driving history. This way, the probability of them receiving claims is fewer, which leads to lower premiums for you. I actually think this is the highlight of the company which makes them so great.

Another thing I think is worthwhile to know is that you will never have to fill in any paper work to buy or apply for a claim. Simply give them a call and everything will be done for you. The advantage of this is that you won’t be confused with hard jargons.

Finally, if you are still not happy with your policy, Best Buy lets you tailor it to feet your unique needs. Examples of things you can do are reducing your windscreen excess and reduce your premium by selling a higher excess.

Besides car insurance, I also found out Best Buy also offers travel insurance through Worldcare.

Best Buy Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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