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GMF can offer you health cover that you can trust and afford. What really blew me away is that fact that coverage starts at only 68 cents a day, as advertised on their website’s homepage. Besides that, it is also stated that their health insurance is simple and straightforward, meaning you won’t get stressed trying to be healthy as that is just ironic.

To begin, GMF is actually the first insurer that I have come across that told people how to switch to them. Besides the information, they also had many reasons to why switching over is a good idea such as no waiting periods and being able to receive the same benefits as someone that has been covered by GMF for the same amount of time that you have been with your previous insurer. In my opinion, I think these are all great points to remember.

Now down to business, their hospital cover comes in three levels. The highest cover is known as Complete and offered all the things that made me smile. Firsts off, about the price, it starts from only $17.80, a true reflection of the company’s claim to offer cheaper premiums. The benefits that you will be able to receive are ambulance cover, joint replacement, theatre fees, gastric banding and more. To top it all, there is also gap cover included.

In terms of Extra covers, the highest plan only costed at the starting price of $11.45. I was actually blown away with their list of benefits as they included features that I thought were very worthwhile and useful such as home nursing, dental, optical and even natural therapies.

One of the things that I found to be very strange is that GMF does not offer any packages that include both hospital and extras covers into one cover. However when I added the price of both the highest hospital and extras plans, the amount that I got was actually much cheaper than the price of combined health covers offered by other companies. Basically, the premium you are paying is still very cheap even though there are no combined plans.

In most of my plans, one of the most important things that people are concerned about is making a claim. To my conclusion, I found the process to be very easy. You can do it the traditional way and fill in a form, and then send it to them either through email, fax or postal mail. It is actually much easier than you think.

GMF Insurance has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Insurance Reviews.

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